Black + White Assignments


For my final project I set out to take pictures of the sport of Rock Climbing. I knew that I wanted to take a large sample of images from all different types of climbing. There are three main types of climbing: Traditional, Sport, and Bouldering. Trad climbing involves no fixed or permanent protection, and leaves the rock virtually unscathed.  Sport climbing requires the use of metal bolts that penetrate a few inches into the cliff face. Both Trad and Sport climbing take the climbers at least 30 feet off the ground. The other type of climbing called Bouldering uses only pads for protection and climbers only go about 15 or 25 feet off the ground. Trad climbing is rarely done in a gym, but both Sport and Bouldering can be done at Rocks and Ropes, where I work.

In the end I succeeded in representing all the forms of climbing that I sought out to. I also got a shot of some Trad climbing equipment that turned out really well; I wish I had taken more of different types of climbing gear. Over all I’m pretty pleased with my prints, but looking over my contact sheets there are a lot I wish I’d noticed and had time to print.


Signifiers:For this assignment we were told to create images to represent three of the following words: Isolation, Scapegoat, Window, Broken, Dream, and something else I can't remember now but obviously wasn't too interesting... Enjoy. I hope they're not too easy to read.


Fabrications: Images inspired by either movies, poems, or the news. The last three were never turned in, and two of them were printed from improperly developed film, making them very soft and antique-ish. I chose to recreate imagery from the following sources:
           Do We Remember A Time by Travis Lawrence
           For Real by Okkervil River

           Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
           The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
           Bill of Rights
           Texting While Driving


Landscape, Abstraction, and Alteration: There is really nothing else to say about these pictures, no cool stories, nothing interesting about processes used or instructions given. Sorry.


Aperture and Shutter Speed: The assignment was to get one stop-action and two long exposures, one taken at the widest aperture and one at the smallest.  Don't mind the dust spots, we've just learned how to remove them and they wont be on the next set of prints.


Photograms: These are made by shining light on objects set on top of photographic paper. The assignment was to create a series of self-portraits.

Pinhole: No lens, no film. You've probably made these before. Sometime back in 4th grade. You take a box, spray paint the inside black, tape the edges to make it light tight. Then slide a piece of photographic paper inside and poke a hole in the opposite side of the box, facing the paper. Mine was a small box, producing a wide angle.